Home Watch

Quality Care for Your Home

Keep your home in perfect condition year-round by calling CastleKeeper of Boca, Inc. We provide home watch and household maintenance services in Boca Raton, Florida, and the surrounding area. Contact us to book the region's most reliable home management company.

Peace Of Mind While You're Away

You've invested a lot in your Florida property. Make sure that investment is protected. When you leave your home for an extended period, our team keeps it safe, secure, and looking its best. If anything should go wrong, we will repair it. Trade specialists are on call to make all necessary repairs, and we carry out routine maintenance checks every time we visit.

Housekeeping: Weekly or periodic housekeeping services. You choose!

Repairs: Whether you're at home or away, call CastleKeeper of Boca, Inc for fast, professional home maintenance services. We work with reliable contractors, including plumbers and electricians, to fix any problems and carry out all repairs.

Everything Running Smoothly

Make sure your home is running smoothly during your absence. During our personal home visits, we check every system in your house, condo, or apartment, including: Air Conditioning | Security | Plumbing | Appliances | Pools

A Beautiful Property: Your home will be the envy of your neighborhood. We offer regular yard maintenance for your property and pool so everything looks perfect, year-round. Painting services are also available.

Ready for Your Return: With proper love and attention from our team, your home will be beautiful and welcoming when you return. If you wish, we will do the grocery shopping to ensure your fridge is full of food and your bar is well-stocked when you arrive so you won't have to waste a moment of your time in Florida.